The Pillsbury Family
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From Pillsbury Grange in Derbyshire, to the Colonies, to California and beyond
635. HARLIN HENRY (8) (Benjamin L. (7) Samual (6)) b. in East Hampstead, N.H. 15 May 1833. Harlen died 26 Dec. 1907 at 11:30AM. On the death certificate it says that Dr. Ernest Sargent Pillsbury attended the deceased from Nov. 30, 1907 to Dec. 26, 1907 and that the death occurred at the stated hour of Valvular obstruction with senility contribution. The physician states that his address is 734 H.W. Heller(spelling). Place of burial is L.A. Crematory. The undertaker is Robt. L. Garrett & Co. Certificate No. 149 143.  

HARRIET FOSTER PILLSBURY was married to Harlen 29 June 1859. Harriet Foster, of North Andover, Massachusetts.  Harriet graduated from Bishop in Andover, now part of Philips-Andover Academy, and went on to the Women's Infirmary of New York.  There, she received an M. D., in 1880.   Harriet was born December 3, 1837 and died May 29, 1917 in Berkeley California. Interred at the Chapel of the Chimes, 4499 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, California. Harriet's cause of death is listed as Senile Dementia - Arterio-sclerosis - chronic Nephritis.  

           i.     Carrie H., b. 19 January 1861, d. April 1, 1884
           ii.    Grace M., b. 9 May 1866, d. 13 June 1876.
           iii.   Ernest Sargent, b. 12 July 1868, d. 3 Sept 1911.
           iv.   Arthur Clarence, b. 9 Oct. 1970, d. 5 Mar. 1946

Harlin H. Graduated from Harvard in 1859. He subsequently obtained his M.D. from Harvard. He married Harriet Foster, M.D. New York City College. Practiced in Medford, Mass., then in Brooklyn, N.Y., then moved with family to Auburn, California. Sailed from New York to Panama, crosses the Isthmus, thence by ship to San Francisco. Arrived Auburn March 1, 1883. Both he and Mrs. Pillsbury were practicing physicians in Auburn. Moved to Palo Alto, CA. about 1895, and to San Francisco a couple of years later. Subsequently, lived in Oakland and Redlands, and died in Hollywood (now Los Angeles), California. 

ERNEST SARGENT (Harlin H., Benjamin L.) b. in Medford, Mass. 12 July 1868. Stanford University 1895, M.D. Cooper Medical College (now Stanford Medical School) 1897. Married Sylvia Florance Ball, 26 September, 1897. d. 3 September 1911. 
After obtaining his M.D. at Cooper Medical College, he served as Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of San Francisco, did autopsy work at Letterman Hospital in San Francisco during Spanish Civil War, and worked for Public Health Service during Bubonic Plague epidemic with rats in Chinatown. About 1901 moved to Hollywood (now Los Angeles), CA. He and Mrs. Pillsbury were killed in an auto accident on Casitas Pass while enroute to Santa Barbara with their children. The children subsequently adopted by his brother, Arthur Clarence Pillsbury, and moved to his house in Oakland, CA. Member B.P.O.E. interred with Mrs. Pillsbury in Rosedale Mauseoeum, Los Angeles, CA.
    See California Supreme Court Decision allowing the theft of the Estate by Title Insurance Company
        Sylvia Florance Ball Pillsbury, b. 13 April 1866 in Williamsport, PA. Graduated from Vineland Seminary, N.J., and taught math at Bedford, PA High School before coming to California. 

​ARTHUR CLARENCE (Harlin H. Benjamin L.) b. Medford Mass., 9 Oct, 1870. d. in Oakland, CA 5 Mar 1946.
Attended Stanford University 1892-95. Won Block `S' in Intercollegiate bicycle race. Engaged in bicycle and photographic enterprises on the side in Palo Alto, CA; then started a photographic business in Yosemite Valley. About 1897 was briefly married to Ella Wing, m. Sara AEtheline Banfield Deuel, 13 May 1906. Considerable information on his interesting later life is given in his book ``Picturing Miracles of Plant and Animal Life." Lippincott. 1937.

Legally adopted the three children of his brother, Ernest Sargent (see previous entry.) November 14, 1911 in Alameda County. Copy of adoption document is in family records. He is interred at Chapel of the chimes, 4499 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, California. His cause of death was listed as Myocardial weakness. All children adopted by Arthur Clarence Pillsbury on November 13, 1911.  ADOPTION PAPERS


          i.    (The first, a boy died at birth or shortly thereafter, is interred in Cyprus Lawn, San Francisco. Born Dec.                     10, 1897, , died December 16, 1997.
          ii.   Ernest Sargent, Jr. b. in San Francisco, Ca. 16 Jan. 1899
          iii.  Grace Sylvia, b. in San Francisco, CA 26 Aug. 1900
          iv.  Arthur Francis, b. in Hollywood (now Los Angeles), California 11 Oct. 1904.

ERNEST SARGENT ,Jr.(10) (Arthur Clarence, Harlin Henry) b. January 16, 1899. Married to Helen Grant on November 6, 1920. One child, a girl named Sylvia Gertrude but called Barbara was born of the union. Helen was Grace Pillsbury's best friend and the two became acquainted while they both worked for Pillsbury Pictures in Yosemite during the summers.  
Ernest was a photographer in the early days of Hollywood, working for Charlie Chaplin and others. Also did police photography and fine cabinetry. Was working for Furniture Guild of California at the time of death as a cabinet maker.  
He was married at one time to a woman names `Bee." At the time of his death he seems to have been married to a woman named Delina R. Pillsbury. Family tradition says that they were separated at the time of his death. The cause of death is listed as an accident which caused traumatic subarachaoid and multiple vetebral fractures. Died October 11, 1960 at 10:40PM. Residence is listed as 1200 N. State St., Los Angeles. Funeral director was Mountain View Mortuary. Interred in Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles. 


            i.  Sylvia Gertrude (aka. Barbara) - b. December 21, 1921, Berkeley, California. Graduated from Berkeley                         High 
               Married George Heino on September 23, 1940. One daughter, Linda, was born October 31, 1941.

GRACE SYLVIA (10) (Arthur Clarence, Harlin Henry) b. 26 Aug. 1900 in San Francisco, CA m. Arthur Young on 13 Oct. 1923 in Oakland, CA. Died 12 August 1979. Arthur, b. 2 Sept. 1896, died of cancer 4 July 1976.  Wedding Page 


           i.  Clifford Ernest, b. in Berkeley, CA 2 Aug 1924.
           ii. Calvin Robert, b. in Berkeley, CA 27 Oct. 1928.

ARTHUR FRANCIS (10) (Arthur Clarence, Harlin Henry) b. 11 Oct. 1904 in Hollywood, CA. (132 N. Palm Dr., 1/2 block N. of Hollywood Blvd.) m. Mary Alice Reasoner on 24 June 1933 in Berkeley, CA Children:

           i.     Anne AEtheline , b. in Oakland, CA 22 July 1934 (married Paul Francis Gripp in Los Angeles, CA 13                           April
           ii.    Carol Sylvia, b. in Riverside, CA 18 Jan, 1937. (married Gary Lee Michael Holbert, in Los Angeles, CA on                   26 
           iii.   Charles Arthur, b. in Los Angeles, CA on 10 May 1945. Married Susan Knox in Danville, CA 9 Sept.                           1973.
           iv.    Mary Linda, b. in Los Angeles, CA 26 Oct. 1948. Married three times (see subsequent entry)
           v.     Stephen Martin, b. in Los Angeles, CA 22 Nov. 1950. Married Wendy Perry.

Resided in Los Angeles, CA until Oct. 10, 1911. Moved to Oakland, CA where attended Claremont Grammar School, and University High School (grad, June 1923). Attended Stanford University, Oct., 1923 to June 1930 (except for one winter and two spring semesters when he dropped out because of finances.) A.B. in Engineering in 1928, Engineer in Civil Engineering, June 1930. Held several short jobs 1930-1932. Joined staff of Division of Irrigation Investigations and Practice, College of Agriculture, University of California, Berkeley, as Junior Irrigation Engineer as of 11 March 1932. Served as Assistant Conservationist, California Forest & Range Exp. Sta. U.S. Forest Service in 1933-1934 fiscal year.  Thereafter, Pillsbury began his career at the University of California at UCLA. 

In January  1936 Pillsbury transferred to Riverside campus; in June 1939 transferred to Los Angeles campus to position of Professor of Irrigation and Soils in the College of Agriculture, Irrigation Engineer in the Agriculture Experiment Station and Professor of Engineering in the College of Engineering, Los Angeles. 1960 named Director of the Water Resources Center for the University System, based at UCLA. In 1964 served as a consultant for a year at the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. Served in various capacities as a consultant in California and then on the first EPA Committee of Congress. Retired, 1971, moving to Springville, California. Continued to do consulting work until 1990. Died April 12, 1991 in Santa Barbara, California.  Interred in Porterville, California.   Obituary, UC Archive, CaliSphere
More on AFP 
Mary Alice Reasoner Pillsbury

SYLVIA GERTRUDE (AKA BARBARA) PILLSBURY - (11) (Ernest Sargent, Jr., Arthur Clarence) Born in Berkeley California December 21, 1921. Parents divorced when she was under four years of age. Lived in a variety of places in California, including Santa Barbara during the earthquake of 1925. Was fostered out to friends for periods of time. Main parent figure was maternal grandmother. Mother's maiden name was Helen Grant. Stepfather's name was Richard Marsh. Ms. Grant had one child by her second marriage. Sylvia Gertrude used the name Marsh until she turned 16 and moved out of her mother's home. Worked her way through high school. Graduated from Berkeley High School 1940. Married George Heino on September 23, 1940, Reno, Nevada. Worked as a volunteer for the Girl Scouts of America for 20 years. Presently living in Stockton California, 6706 Tam O'Shanter Drive, Space 111, Stockton, CA 95210. (209) 473-0482. 

                  i.  Linda Aline Heino - born October 31, 1941. Graduated Menlo Atherton High School in 1959, San Jose                         State
                      Married Robert Bowker, June 15, 1963. Divorced July, 1989. Two children of union. Presently teaching.  

ANNE AETHELINE PILLSBURY GRIPP - (11) (Arthur Francis, Arthur Clarence) b. in Oakland, CA 22 July 1934 (married Paul Francis Gripp in Los Angeles, CA 13 April 1957. Graduated with a B.S. in Math from UCLA in 1956. With husband invested in real estate, building subdivisions in the Malibu area and own an orchid nursery in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Orchid Estate. Divorced in 1982. Died April 16, 1994 after a heart attack in Tokyo. Cremated.   Bio

              i.   Alice Elizabeth - b. September 5, 1962.
              ii.  Parry Pillsbury - b. September 22, 1967.

CAROL SYLVIA PILLSBURY HOLBERT - (11) (Arthur Francis, Arthur Clarence) b. in Riverside, CA 18 Jan, 1937. (married Gary Lee Michael Holbert, in Los Angeles, CA on 26 Feb. 1955. d. 12 Feb. 1974 in Camarillo California of a heart condition. Worked as executive secretary to president, west coast division of Pan American.  Bio

             i.  Eric Scott Holbert - b. April 9, 1965. (adopted)

CHARLES ARTHUR PILLSBURY - (11) (Arthur Francis, Arthur Clarence) b. in Los Angeles, CA on 10 May 1945. Married Susan Knox in Danville, CA 9 Sept. 1973. Served in the Air Force 1967 - 1971 as a Load Master. Various medals including the silver star. Airman of the year for Naha, 1969. Graduated from University of California at Davis with a JD degree.  During his time at Davis Charles worked as a Legislative Assistant in the State Legislature and flown for the Air National Guard.  Worked in the Department of Finance for the State of California as a systems analyst until his death on September 13, 2008, followed a heart attack and stroke in 2004.   Wife, Dr. Sue Knox is on the staff at Stanford Medical Center in Oncology. She, previous to MD, had a PhD in Biophysics and was doing research at Davis.  Charles is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.  Details

               i.  Caroline Anne - b. November 31, 1992
               ii. Pamela Ellen - b. November 31, 1992

MARY LINDA (MELINDA) PILLSBURY-FOSTER - (11) (Arthur Francis, Arthur Clarence) Born October 26, 1948 in Los Angeles, California. Attended Mar Vista Elementary School, Daniel Webster Junior High School, Venice High School, and St. Stephen's Preparatory School, Rome, Italy, 1964 - 1965, graduating from Venice High School in 1967. 2 years, Santa Monica College.
Married to Richard Lee Barteaux September 7, 1966; separated, January 1967; divorced 1969. Married Ronald Edward Kellett, May 1, 1972, divorced March 24, 1986. Married A. Craig Franklin June 24, 1989. Craig Franklin is a graduate of Stanford University, 1965, where he was Captain of the math team for four years. He worked for IBM, was on the staff at MIT, lead an R&D team at Digital Research, went to the SAS Institute, Digital Research in Pacific Grove, Microtech in San Jose and then was hired by Green Hills Software, Inc., then located in Glendale, CA. In 1989 the company moved to Santa Barbara, California.  Craig was Senior Vice President of Advanced Products Development.   He also served on the National PL1 Standards Committee for ten years. Ran for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire, 1977.  Franklin adopted Melinda's children in 1989.  Franklin adopted Melinda's children in 1989.  See How The NeoCons Stole Freedom for more on Craig.

Melinda taught natural childbirth 1974 - 1986, was politically active in the Libertarian Party for 17 years, leaving in 1988 to become active in the Republican Party.  She hosted Several different radio shows for six years and wrote articles. Today she is the CEO of Freedom Interactive TV Networks, a 501c3 (FiTNA), and a, a 501c3 (FiTNA), and also CEO for Women Leading InterActivist TV Network, FiTNA's network for launching 2-Way Mass Audience solution-oriented iTV.   FiTNA's network for launching 2-Way Mass Audience solution-oriented iTV. 

            i.     Morgan Francis Pillsbury - b. July 5, 1967.
            ii.    Dawn Ellen Pillsbury - b. March 5, 1974.
           iii.    Ayn Suzanne Pillsbury - b. April 26, 1975.
           iv.    Arthur Edward Foster - b. January 18, 1978.
           v.     Justin Pillsbury Foster - b. November 19, 1983.
           vi.   Mary Abigail Pillsbury – died at birth, December 24, 1989.

STEPHEN MARTIN PILLSBURY - (11) (Arthur Francis, Arthur Clarence) Born November 22, 1950 in Los Angeles, California. Attended Mar Vista Elementary School, Daniel Webster Junior High School, Venice High School, Santa Monica College, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Married Wendy Perry, born May 17, 1965. Married June ?.

           i.     Megan Marie - b. January 27, 1985
           ii.    Katie Sue - b. June 18, 1986
           iii.   Rebecca Jean – b. June 16, 1993
           iv.   Colleen Rose – b. July 12, 1999
           v.    Abigail Elizabeth – b. September 12, 2000
           vi.   Jacob - July 3, 2003

CAROLYN ANNE PILLSBURY - Born July 5, 1967. Attended school in Springville, California until age 13 when she dropped out. Pretended to attend College, Santa Barbara City College, Pierce College, Northridge. Presently separated from her husband and living in King's Mountain, NC. 

Carolyn was adopted by her grandparents in 1978. In 1989 her natural mother and her husband, Craig Franklin, adopted her. See Melinda Pillsbury-Foster for further genealogical information. SEE Affidavit on Morgan's relations with her mother's family. 

CLIFFORD ERNEST YOUNG - (11) (Grace Sylvia, Arthur Clarence) b. 1 Aug. 1924 in San Francisco, married Gertrude Natalie Knobel, b. 11 Oct 1922, and the daughter of William Bryan Knobel, b. 1897 and Gladys Jean Smith, b. 1901,d., 1986. Her siblings are: Daryl, Doris, John, Harold, James, and Leland. Children:

         i.  Bruce Arthur, b. 13 Dec. 1955
         ii. Barry Ernest, b. 10 April 1945

CALVIN ROBERT YOUNG (11) (Grace Sylvia, Arthur Clarence) b. 27 October 1928. Died October 2001 in Inverness, California of cancer. Attended Berkeley where he received a post Doc in Engineering. Presently living with nephew in Inverness. No children.  

LINDA ALENE HEINO - (12) (Sylvia Gertrude, Arthur Clarence) - born October 31, 1941. Graduated Menlo Atherton High School in 1959, San Jose State College in 1963. Received a four years scholarship - had to go to State College and major in Education and maintain an A - B average. Upgraded teaching credential at Stanislaus State University at Turlock, 1983. Taught as a reading specialist in Lodi school Dist. as long as the state offered reading. Now teaching reading and some general curriculum from K - 8th.  
Married Robert Bowker, June 15, 1963. Divorced July, 1989. Two children of union. Address: 3819 Northstar, Stockton, 95209. (209) 952-6646. Presently teaching.  

             i.  Eric Robert Bowker - b. May 17, 1970. Graduated Tokay High School, Lodi has attended Delta
                 Community College.
                 Now working in construction, takes 2 courses at a time in related subjects at Delta.  
             ii. Davin Robert Bowker - b. July 22, 1972. Graduated Tokay High School, Lodi. In 3rd year at Delta College.                 Will

BRUCE ARTHUR YOUNG (12) (Clifford Ernest, Grace Syvlia) b. 13 Dec. 1955. Married Diane. 
           i.  Molly Roxanne Young, b. 20 Feb. 1982

BARRY ERNEST YOUNG (12) (Clifford Ernest, Grace Sylvia) b. 10 April 1945. Married Laura Anna Miscovich, b. 4 March 1945. 2nd married Gerre Louise Raftery, b. 8 Feb. 1957, previously married to Tony Flynn. One child of that marriage, Gavin Alan Raftery, b. 9 Aug. 1983. Her parents and siblings are: Father, Alan Raftery, b. 10 July 1919, Mother Winifred Snandell, b. 27 April, 1918. Siblings, James,b. 21 Feb. 1945, John, b. 8 jan, 1946, Gail,b. 29 Oct. 1947, William, b. i Jan, 1950, Gwen, b. 11 June, 1951, Daniel, b. 24 Dec. 1953, Gena, b. 6 Mar, 1956. 

           i.     Lisa Anne, b. 3 Nov. 1966. Married Randy Coleman. Twin boys, Travis and Brandon b. 4 Sept, 1990.
           ii.    Nancie Marguerite 
          iii.    Jennifier Marie, b. 3 Nov. 1966. m. Michael Fisher, two children, Jamie,b. 9 Sept. 1986 and Jackie, b. 1
                   April 1988.
                  Second marriage to Todd Melton, one child, Joseph, b. April 5, 1990.

CAROLYN ANNE BARTEAUX AKA MORGAN FRANCIS - (12) (Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, Arthur Francis, Arthur Clarence) See Morgan Principle 
Born July 5, 1967. Attended school in Springville, California Born July 5, 1967, the daughter of Richard Lee Barteaux, a psychopath. Attended school in Springville, California. dropping out when she was 13. In 1979, age 12, she was adopted by her maternal grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Pillsbury, who found her to be unmanageable and asked their eldest daughter, Anne AEtheline Pillsbury Gripp,  to let her live at her home in Goleta, CA. Anne kicked her out when she was 19, for cause, which was an attempt, Anne told Melinda, to seduce one of her customers.   Morgan then went to live with her natural mother, Pillsbury-Foster and her husband, A. Craig Franklin. In 1989 Franklin, also a psychopath, adopted her, along with Pillsbury-Foster's four normal children.  

While Morgan was registered for classes at Pierce College, it is not known if she ever attended.  Later, she told Pillsbury-Foster she was carrying on an affair with Eddy van Halen. After a number of years she dropped even the pretension of attending classes and decided to become a film star. Frustrated in this endeavor, she decided to find a husband with money or position.  This did not work out. She then married Jay E. Gell, who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. She and Gell married on February 14, 2005.  
               i.   Jacob Arthur Pillsbury Gell – b. June 21, 2005 
               ii.  Gabriel Beckett Pillsbury Gell – b. August 21, 2006 

DAWN ELLEN PILLSBURY - (12) (Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, Arthur Francis, Arthur Clarence) 
Born March 5, 1974 to Melinda and Ron Foster (Kellett) in West Los Angeles. Attended First Lutheran School, Northridge, CA, Los Angeles Lutheran, Sylmar, Bradford College, Haverhill, MA, Santa Barbara City College, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Degree in Journalism. Married Brent Eubanks. No children.  

AYN SUZANNE PILLSBURY - (12) (Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, Arthur Francis, Arthur Clarence) 
Born April 26, 1975 to Melinda and Ron Foster (Kellett), in West Los Angeles, adopted by Craig Franklin in 1989. Attended First Lutheran School, Northridge, CA, Los Angeles Lutheran, Sylmar, Hillsdale College. Degree in English and German. Married to Joseph Craciun, III.
                i.  April Evelyn – b. January 24, 2009, 8 Lbs, 18 inches.  
​                ii. Nina - b. ?

ARTHUR EDWARD FOSTER - (12) (Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, Arthur Francis, Arthur Clarence) 
Born January 18, 1978 to Melinda and Ron Foster (Kellett), in West Los Angeles, adopted by Craig Franklin in 1989. Attended First Lutheran School, Northridge, CA, Santa Barbara City College. Suffered a brain injury September 27, 1997; shot himself through the head March 22, 1998, surviving despite all advice from our medical providers.  This was not the life his mother wanted for him but over the next two decades she grew to know Arthur well and was continually surprised at his good heart and kindness to others.  It takes a special kind of courage to live a life out with many challenges you could not have expected.  Over and over again Arthur surprised his mother and those close to him with insights, kindness, and patience with the circumstances in which he and his mother lived. 
Arthur died on October 12,2021 of the complications of COVID. His mother is putting up a website in his honor with memories, his victories, and photos of those he never forgot. 

Arthur enriched the lives of all who knew him in countless ways. 

JUSTIN CRAIG FOSTER - (12) (Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, Arthur Francis, Arthur Clarence) 

Born November 19, 1983 to Melinda and Ron Foster (Kellett), in Reseda, Los Angeles, adopted by Craig Franklin in 1989. Attended First Lutheran School, Northridge, CA, Roosevelt School, Santa Barbara, Waldorf School, Santa Barbara, Rock Point, Vermont, Santa Barbara City College.  

Lineage         First Generation - William Pillsbury          
Second Generation Moses to Harlin Henry         AC Pillsbury to Present ​
                 The Arthur Clarence Lineage to Present Day

There is no doubt that Arthur C. Pillsbury was the father of the ongoing generations of descendents from his family.  By legal adoption, nurture, and by setting the cultural values by instruction and example his impact is clear.  When asked to clarify this point my father, Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury, his youngest son was quick and clear to express this opinion, basing his immediate response on the filial love, respect, and affirmation of all that fatherhood means.  Following the naming tradition of his family he named no child after his Dr. Ernest.  He remembered his mother clearly and had no substitute for her in this role.  

RED lettering denotes psychopath, beware, listed only to ensure the safety of family members.