The Pillsbury Family
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From Pillsbury Grange in Derbyshire, to the Colonies, to California and beyond
Lineage          First Generation - William Pillsbury          
Second Generation -  Moses to Harlin Henry        AC Pillsbury to Present ​

3. Moses (2)  1. William b. 1645 (?) in Dorchester; d,, in Newbury, 1701. He m. 1st. Susannah, daughter of Lionel Worth, in March 1668. Their children were : 

        8. i. JOSEPH, b. 6 June 1670; d. 14 Jan. 1750. 
        9. ii. MOSES, b. 4 July 1672 ; d. 24 March 1738. 
           iii. DOROTHY, b. 9 April 1675; m. Benjamin Poor, 27 Feb. 1708. 
           iv. SUSANNAH, b. i Feb. 1677; d. 22 Dec. 1767 ; m. Luke Hovey, of Topsfield, 25 Oct, 1698. 
           v. JUDITH, d. 16 March 1679; ^- Edmund Moors, Jr., 17 Jan. 1704. 
     10. vi. CALEB, b. 27 July 1681 ; d. 1759. 
          vii. Hannah, b. 3 May 1686. * 
     11. viii. Amos, b. 

     Moses m. 2d. Priscilla . Child : 
           ix. Mary, b. 

Moses Pilsbury seems to have increased in his substance and public esteem as he increased in years. In 1682 it is on the town records among other regulations concerning sheep, that *' Moses Pilsbury and the further end of the town shall have the 'plaines' for their flock." 

In 1686 he appears to have been one of the town officials, as in the month of April complaints were made to the selectmen * ' of great spoyle of timber that was made in the towne's commons, constable Moses Pilsbury seized and delivered to Joseph Pike twenty-one red oak trees and sixteen white oak trees at the south east end near Savage's rock and the westerly end of Long hill near Merrimack river." 

In his will dated 29 April 1701, Moses bequeaths to his beloved wife, Priscilla, one-third of his estate, real and personal, makes his son Caleb sole executor, aud gives legacies to him, sons Joseph,. Moses and Amos, and to daughters Dorothy, Susanna, Judith, Hannah and Mary. 

10. Caleb (3)  Moses (2) William (1), b. in Newbury, 27 July 1681 ; d. in Amesbury, 1759; m. in Newbury 11 Feb. 1703, Sarah, daughter of Benj. Morss, of Amesbury. 

Their children were : 

       31. i. BENJAMIN, b. (bapt.) 9 April 1705. 
       32. ii. CALEB, b. 26 Jan. 1717; d. in Amesbury, 7 Feb. 1778. 
            iii. Susannah, b. ; m. Walker; (bapt.) 16 Sept. 1705. 
            iv. Sarah, b. ; ni. Stevens; 2d, Jones. 
            v. Esther, b. ; m'. Parker; (bapt.) 26 Dec. 1714. 
            vi. Hannah, b. ; unm. (bapt.) 26 Dec. 1714. 
            vii. Judith, b. ; m. Harvey. 

Caleb removed with his family to Amesbury in 1727, where he soon became a leading man in town affairs. 
(See MerrilPs History of Amesbury, Mass.) The act which made his name famous in local annals was the carrying out of the scheme to tunnel the Pond Ridge in order that the waters of Lake Attitash might flow more directly into Powow river, and also to drain a large meadow to the northward of the lake that its crop of hay might be more valuable and more easily harvested. This was a great engineering feat for the time and was planned by Caleb Pilsbury and Orlando Bagley. The actual labor of digging through the Ridge was performed by two men named Ring and Nutter. Tradition says they took their pay in a barrel of W. I. rum ; or, as it was spelled in those days, ''rhum." 

Caleb Pilsbury made two wills; the first dated 27 June 1738, is carefully preserved in the family of one of his descendants in the fourth generation. Some of its pro- visions may not be uninteresting, the more as they vary materially from those of the second will. • 

After the usual pious preamble, he proceeds to give to his beloved wife, Sarah, one-third part of all his lands for her use and improvement so long as she shall remain his widow ; all his household goods for her own forever to dispose as she shall please; one-half his dwelling house, namely, the east end, and barn room for her use. She is to have all his stock of *' Chattels,'' excepting *' one yoak of oxen, and one hors and one cow,'' and *' if it please God that I die in possession of a crop standing or gathered in, for her supply of provision for her relief for that year." 

Son Benjamin is given a number of acres of land in addition to what his father had previously given him. 

Daughter Susannah Walker is to be paid ten pounds out of the estate within seven years after his decease ; "she having had the rest of her portion before." 

Daughter Sarah Stevens is to be paid a like amount within the same time ; * * she having had her portion before. ' ' 

Daughters Esther, Hannah and Judith are to have eighty pounds each out of the estate, the one four, the second five, and the third six years after their father's decease. Concerning these three unmarried daughters their father's will is that in case any or all of them marry before the time named for the payment of their full portion, then the executor shall pay one- half upon her "marridg," and the other half at the time appointed. 

In case either or all do not conclude to marry, then *' they shall have the liberty of one end of my house to live in after their mother's decease, and to have free egress and Regress thereunto." 

Son Caleb who is appointed and ordained sole executor, is to have all lands, housing and stock, all implements of husbandry, with all rights, properties, privileges or partitions in any divided or undivided lands in Amesbury or Newbury, or any other right or property in any other right or property in any other town whatsoever. 

The second will which is duly preserved at the Registry of Probate, Salem, Mass., is dated 24 Nov. 1758. In the twenty years that had elapsed, marked changes had occurred in the testator's family. His wife and one daughter had deceased, two other daughters ha^ married, while the fifth had remained at home to care for her aged parent. 

The will begins with much the same preamble as the first, with one clause which deserves special mention, the spirit of which is worthy of being more generally followed than it commonly is : ** being sensible that my duty is to set my house in order by the best means I can for ye peace and welfare of my family, I do therefore make this my last Will and Testament." 

Son Benjamin receives a certain piece of land out of the homestead, containing about twelve acres, he having '* received part of his portion before." 

31. Benjamin (4) Caleb (3) Moses (2) William (1),  b. in Newbury; d. in Amesbury; m. 15 Jan. 1735, Sarah Kelley of that town, and their children were born there. These were : 

            i. Mary, b. 21 Oct. 1736 ; m. Joshua Plummer, 19 July 1776. 
      61. ii. Joseph, b. 5 July 1738; d. in Candia, N. H., 1834. 
            iii. Ruth, b. 27 July 1740; m. John Patten, 31 July 1762. 
      62. iv. Benjamin, b. 26 Dec. 1742 ; d. in Sandown, N. H., 7 Feb. 1819. 
            v. Jane, b. i May 1745. 
      63. vi. Abijah, b. 8 June 1747 ; d. in Candia, N.H., 13 March 1830. 
      64. vii. Jonathan, b. 18 July 1750; d. in Candia, N. H., 1826. 
      65. viii. David, b. 18 July 1750. 

62.  Benjamin (5) Benjamin (4) Caleb (3) Moses (2) William (1), b. in Amesbury, 26 Dec. 1742 ; d. in Sandown, N. H., 7 Feb. 1819; m. Anne Plummer, of Sandown, about 1770. 

Their children were : 

         147. i. SAMUEL, b. 1772 ; d. in Sandown, 4 May 1857. 
         148. ii. DOLLY, b. May 1776; d. in Chester, N. H., 19 Feb. 1857. 
         149. iii. JANE, b. 2 Nov. 1777. 
                iv. NANCY, b. ; d. 1809, unmarried. 
                v.  MOSES, b. 1784 ; d. 1810, unmarried. 

Benjamin was a farmer and cooper, as well as general business man, in the town of Sandown. He lived on the farm still occupied by his descendants. 

147. Samuel (6) Benjamin (5) Benjamin (4) Caleb (3) Moses (2) William (1), b. in Sandown, 
N. H., 1772 ; d. 4 May 1857 ; m. Mary Currier, of South Hampton, who d. July 1845, aged 73 years. 

Their children were : 
                 i. BENJAMIN, b. 11 Jan. 1796; d. 14 Nov. 1798. 
         369. ii. HARLIN, b. in Hanover, N. H., 30 Nov. 1797 ; d. in Billerica, Mass., April 1877. 
         370. iii.DOLLY, b. 22 March 1799; d. in Candia, N. H., 20 Nov. 1879. 
                iv. DIANA, b. in Hanover, 21 Nov. 1800; d. 15 Aug. 1884, unmarried. 
         371. v.  BENJAMIN L., b. 21 June 1802 ; d. 23 Dec. 1878. 
                vi. MOSES, b. 2 Sept. 1804; d. 25 Dec. 1808. 
         372. vii. LYMAN, b. 17 Jan. 1807 ; d. in Candia, 2 Dec. 1889. 
         373. viii. HARRISON, b. 3 Jan. 1809; d. in Canaan, N. H., 13 Nov. 1863. 
         374. ix. Mary, b. 17 Nov. 1813 ; d. 18 Dec. 1852. 

Samuel lived for a time in Hanover, N. H., where all his children were born. Afterward he removed to Sandown and lived on the homestead. He was honored by positions of public trust, serving as town clerk, selectman, representative to General Court, Justice of the Peace, etc. 

371.  Benjamin L. (7) Samuel (6) Benjamin (5) Benjamin (4) Caleb (3) Moses (2) William (1), b. 21 June 
1802 ; d. in E. Hampstead, N. H., 23 Dec. 1878. A farmer in E. Hampstead. He 111. 28 Dec. 183 1, Mary P. Sargent, of Amesbury, Mass. 

Their Children were: 

          635. i. Harlin Henry, b. in Hampstead, 15 May 1833. 
          636. ii. Daniel Sargent, b. 5 May 1836. 
          637. iii. Emma L., b. 7 June 1838. 
          iv. Mary A., b. 10 May 1841. 

635.  Harlin Henry (8) Benjamin L. (7) Samuel (6) Benjamin (5) Benjamin (4) Caleb (3) Moses (2) William (1),   b in Hampstead, N. H., 15 May 1833 ; m. 29 June 1859, Harriet Foster, of North Andover, Mass. Harlen died 26 Dec. 1907 at 11:30AM. On the death certificate it says that Dr. Ernest Sargent Pillsbury attended the deceased from Nov. 30, 1907 to Dec. 26, 1907 and that the death occurred at the stated hour of Valvular obstruction with senility contribution. The physician states that his address is 734 H.W. Heller(spelling). Place of burial is L.A. Crematory. The undertaker is Robt. L. Garrett & Co. Certificate No. 149 143.

​HARRIET FOSTER PILLSBURY was married to Harlen 29 June 1859. Harriet Foster, of North Andover, Massachusetts who was born December 3, 1837 and died May 29, 1917 in Berkeley California. Interred at the Chapel of the Chimes, 4499 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, California. Harriet's cause of death is listed as Senile Dementia - Arterio-sclerosis - chronic Nephritis.

Their Children Were: 
          i. Carrie H., b. 19 Jan. 1861 ; d. i April 1884. 
          ii. Grace M., b. 9 May 1866 ; d. 13 June 1876. 
          iii. Ernest Sargent., b. 12 July 1868, d. 3 Sept 1911.
          iv. Arthur Clarence, b. 9 Oct. 1870, d. 5 Mar. 1946

Harlin H. Graduated from Harvard in 1859. He subsequently obtained his M.D. from Harvard. He married Harriet Foster, M.D. New York City College. Practiced in Medford, Mass., then in Brooklyn, N.Y., then moved with family to Auburn, California. Sailed from New York to Panama, crosses the Isthmus, thence by ship to San Francisco. Arrived Auburn March 1, 1883. Both he and Mrs. Pillsbury were practicing physicians in Auburn. Moved to Palo Alto, CA. about 1895, and to San Francisco a couple of years later. Subsequently, lived in Oakland and Redlands, and died in Hollywood (now Los Angeles), California. 

Lineage      First Generation - William Pillsbury       
Second Generation - Moses to Harlin Henry Generation       Arthur C. Pillsbury - Present