The Pillsbury Family
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From Pillsbury Grange in Derbyshire, to the Colonies, to California and beyond
The Morgan Principle - Psychopaths are most likely born.  They appear in every family line, bringing with them chaos, destruction, and heart-break.  Where they appear those sharing lineage need to be warned.  Morgan, born Carolyn Anne Barteaux, the only child of my first marriage to a psychopath, Richard Lee Barteaux.   The psychopathic exacts enormous costs on humanity. Human approaches to law and justice, morality and ethics, are predicated on the principle of conscience, compassion, and empathy.  If you realize you have one in your family there are ways to defend yourself and cope.  See Love Fraud and Aftermath, Surviving Psychopathy

She does not look evil, but she does evil.  For instance, Morgan, then in her twenties and supposedly attending college, began inviting her much younger siblings over to play in the pool at her apartment.  One there, she gave them alcohol and cigarettes.  She knew perfectly well I did would not approve, so she persuaded them to conceal this.  Her brother, Arthur, became addicted to tobacco at age 12 this way.  At the same time she began giving him hard liquor.  

I have consulted a legal expert and after thorough research he advised me to post a notarized affidavit severing the relationship between myself and Morgan along with a video.  

 Studying the story of her life is instructive.  For those of us who are normal it is essential to point out the existence of the psychopathic in our family lines. Many would probably prefer to simply drop them from the record of lineage but doing so allows them an invisibility which provides cover for their activities.  

Refutation of Relationship
Morgan Pillsbury Gell